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Electronic Fence - to prevent baby from moving in | out an area by camera

Uncovering Reminder - to prevent baby from

a uncovered status at mid night


Unique and innovative features!

This is the only baby sleeping monitor with the feature of monitoring baby's uncovered status at mid night in the entire Apple Store so far. Please support to rate our apps if you feel useful to you.


Is it a headache of most parents that the baby caught bad cold because you are not able to just-in-time aware of that the baby kicked off the quilt during midnight? With baby quilt-kicking monitor apps, it will automatic alert you to take care of the baby once the baby kicked off the quilt; moreover, you can set the phone to receive alert call if you are sleeping in different bed and different room with your baby.


Working principle and instruction:

Place your iPhone closer to the baby with the iPhone screen facing up. Cover the iPhone and the baby with the quilt. The iPhone proximity (infrared) sensor will monitor and detect when the baby kicks off the quilt and the phone exposes outside. And it will sound an alarm to alert the parents.


Quilt-kicking Reminder:

Just press one button will start the baby monitor.To stop the alarm, simply place the phone under the quilt and the phone will resume monitoring the baby.

Note: This feature is only available for iPhone, does not support the iPod or iPad yet. If you use the iPad to download, you can download it free again later on the iPhone. .


Electronic Fence - Prevent baby from going out of view:

Tap or pan anywhere on screen to set virtual cordon.

Long press and move to erase cordon.

When the baby crossed the virtual cordon,it will trigger an alarm


Electronic Fence:

When the baby wakes up,or climb out of bed,and even there is pet nearby,it willtrigger an alarm

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