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- Create GIF or timelapse video from GIFs | images | videos

- Edit( crop / resize / watermark) GIF

- Extract images from GIF or video

- Batch to watermark/crop/resize photos



- Add rich-texts or images onto each frame

- Re-edit or watermark an existed GIF with keeping its original frame-delay-time for each frame

- Set delay time individually for each frame ,so you can make one picture longer, or others shorter

- Set gradient delay time for a group of frames for making a effect of speeding up or speeding down

- Reverse a group of frames’ order

- Duplicate one or more image(s) to repeat it in the timeline

- Drag one or more thumbnails to rearrange order

- Enable to change output image quality




Video extractor features:

- Enable to manually extract current image displayed in video player preview or automatically extract a bunch of images from a selected duration

- Drag the slider(s) to select duration(s) to be extracted

- Provides Fixed Frames and Fixed Interval Time mode


How to it works:

1. Drop images/videos or folders on the Import icon from the left side of toolbar

2. Drag thumbnail(s) to rearrange images' order

3. Drag the Export icon out from the right side of toolbar to save the GIF



Q:How to add text for each frame?

A:1.Select all frame by click "Select" button from toolbar or select some of frames you want to add text on from the thumbnails list located at bottom of window.

2.Select text from designer view by clicking

3.Click "Copy To” from toolbar



Q : How to import a single image at an exact time from video?

A : Drag the progress-slider on video player to a position you want to extract an image from, then click the "Extract Current Image" button.


Q : How to import a bunch of images from a duration of video?

A :

1 . Left-Click on a duration slider (its frame will be set on green),drag the left or right edge to change its length or drag center to change its position.

2 . Select Fixed Frames or Fixed Interval to set how many images will be extracted from this duration.

3. Click Extract Images


Q : How to get help?

A :

1. Stay mouse on the controls seconds to get tips

2. Click help menu to send mail or access to our website to leave a message




Mouse Gestures for text editing :


Magnification gestures to scale single or multi object(s)' font size

Rotation gesture to rotate single or multi object(s)

Pan gesture to move single or multi object(s)

Left click on object to select or deselect object

Left double click on object to change text view to editable status

Left click on blank area to cancel all object(s)' selected status

Right click on object to pop up menu with items of Removing/Duplicating/Copying/Adjusting Z hierarchic

Right click on blank area of image to pop up menu with items of Pasting/Selecting All/Unselecting All



Keyboard command for text editing :


Command + Z to undo

Command + Shift + Z to redo

(Control or Command) + Left Click to multiply select objects

Command + A to select all objects

Command + Shift + A to unselect all objects

Command + C to copy one or more objects

Command + V to paste one or more objects ( You should to click at a point on image that you want to paste object to before pasting)

Backspace to delete one or more selected objects




Mouse operation for selecting thumbnail

Left click on thumbnail to select or unselect

Command or Control + Left Click to select multi images

Right click on thumbnail to popup menu for more operations


Keyboard command for selecting thumbnail:

Command or Control + a to select all images

Command or Control + A to unselect all images

Delete to delete selected images


Input video type:

MOV | M4V | MP4 | 3GP | AVI | MPEG | MPEG2 | MPG


Input image type:

| JPG | JPEG | PNG | TIF | TIFF | DNG | RAW | 3FR | PPM | DCR | ORF | ARW | RAF | NEF | CR2 | RW2 | IIQ | MEF | MRW | PEF | MOS | ERF | BMP | GIF | ICNS | ICO | JP2 | J2K | JPF | JPX | JPM | MJ2|

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