Long Image Maker
Collage bulk photos quickly
Short Video Studio
Watermark, Resize Video
Website Screenshot
Video Color Blender
Add any color filter replacing color for video with intensity from 0-100%
Image Date Changer
Batch to change tens of thousands images' Shot / Digitized / File Created / File Modified time!

- Change image's Shot / Digitized / File Created / File Modified time independently.
For example:
You can change shot time only.

- Replace Year | Month | Day | Hour | Minute | Second with a new value independently.
For example:
You can change Year only.

- With both Replace Mode and Shift Mode
Replace Mode:
Replace image's time with new value
Shift Mode:
Increase or D
Batch Image Crop
Very handy to quickly and visibly crop/resize/rotate/convert images in batch mode!
Batch Watermark Image
Watermark images with text or image
Merge Folders
Merge files from folders into a folder
Image Resize
Easy to resize.crop.watermark.convert images with batch images on batch patterns,and get a nice result!
X Image Asset Creator
Batch to resize images
Video Slicer
Convert Image Format
Easy to batch convert/resize/crop tens of thousands images' format !

How it works:
1. Drag images or folders onto Import icon
2. Select output format
3. Drag the Save icon out to save the result

Extra features:
- Enable to embed original EXIF into output image
- Enable to keep the output's file create time as same as the source
- Enable to set DPI and copyright
Bulk File Rename
Batch to rename ( add | delete | modify ) tens of thousands files' name.

- Add file create time
- Add metadata information into image | music | video file name
- Make multi index by sorting any substring selected from file name
- Rearrange the order of information in file name by simply drag gesture
- Highly configurable
- Save configuration as a template for future use
- More than ten of built-in cases to show you how to use this app
No Duplicate Photos
Remove duplicate photos from disk
Text On Image
Easy to add texts on image.
Convert image formats to JPG | PNG | TIFF | JPEG2000.

Easy to move | scale | copy | duplicate | paste | delete | undo | redo multi objects or edit textviews' attributes at the same time.
Enable to save texts as a template for future use
Easy to add gradient(set one by one character, not one by one pixel ) color text.
MA Photo Viewer
View photos' exif
Photo GPS Modifier for Mac
Add or change gps
Image Exposure Effect
Keep an eye on your important places
MA Spy Camera Pro
Activate camera by motional objects
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