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Batch to resize image with batch sizes

Very easy to create icon assets


How it works:

1. Drop folders or images onto the Import Files icon

2. Set size(s) you want to output

3. Choose a folder to start resize



Resize image by multi mode:

- Fixed width or height in pixels

Example:Change all images' width with 1000 pixels


- Fixed width and height in pixels

Example:Change all images with 1000*1000 pixels


- Mixed Pixel&Percent mode

Example:Change all images with 1000 pixels width and 100% of its original height


- Fixed output edge pixels according to image's max or min edge of Width&Height


Change two images' minimum edge to 4000px:

from 1000*2000 and 3000*2000

to 4000*8000 and 6000*4000

according to mode of Min Edge of Width&Height


Options for output:

- Reserve origin or set a new value for DPI | Copyright

- Reserve or remove its original EXIF | File Created Time for output

- Add suffix name

- Able to save current settings as a template for future use

- Convert image format amongst JPG | PNG | TIF | BMP


Input & Output: JPG | PNG | TIF | BMP

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