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- Quick to make a tower-style collage with images or videos

- Batch to watermark photos with texts | images or EXIFs (such as parameters of camera or lens, shot time, shot location )

- Rotate Photos : batch to fix photos' orientation for saving your huge time from manipulating them one by one

- Crop Photos : batch to crop photos

- Print timestamp on photos

- Print location on photos, such as Center Park,NewYork

- concat photos like a tower ( long screen )

- Sort photos by created time

- Sort photos by Image's ratio of Width/Height

- User defined background image

- Convert images to PDF file


How to it works:

1. Select images from album

2. Adjust images, such as add/delete/sort/crop

3. Save collage


Quick guide:

1.Tap to select or deselect

2.Pan selected image(s) onto another image to rearrange images

3.Long press on image to crop image

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