Short Video Studio
Watermark, Resize Video
Image Exif Viewer
Batch Photo Redate
Change photos shot time
Image Exposure Effect
MA Gradient Color
MA Ink Painting
Convert photo to ink painting effect
Long Collage Maker
Create collage like a tower
Image Color Blender
Add any color filter or alpha channel for image with intensity from 0-100%
MA Motion Monitor
The major use is Intrusion Detection.You can set a virtual cordon(example appeared in the preview video) or a no-entering area to prevent a unauthorised access!
Free your eyes!

Easy to use( 3 steps):
1. Turn on camera
2. Specify the monitoring area
3. Choose whether to ring the alarm or take video & photo when the illegal invasion happened.

When a pedestrian or a pet through the cordon,the App will trigger an alarm or starting camera
Swap RGB
It's simple to adjust image color by swapping Red/Green/Blue channel.

How to it works:
1. Drag an image in
2. Continually click RG \ RB \ GB buttons to change colour
3. Save
Baby Carer
Unique and innovative features!
That’s the only baby quilt-kicking monitor apps in the entire Apple Store so far. Please support to rate our apps if you feel useful to you.
Photo GPS Modifier
Add or change GPS
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